UV Window Film

A UV window film is a special kind of window film which prevents the passage of ultra violet rays through it. Window films generally give a reduced passage to the light and heat energy that falls on them. The rest of the energy is bounced back from the surface of the film tinted window. A UV (ultra violet) window film also does the same function; the difference here is it also limits the passage of ultra violet rays in addition to the basic function.

The harmful effects of exposure to ultra violet rays in excess are a common knowledge. As such, a UV window film is a wise investment to make. Apart from providing protection health wise, a UV window film also protects the interiors of a house from fading, which is also an undesirable effect of ultra violet rays. Solar heat can also affect your expensive house work such as art work, customized drapes, furnishings and hardwood floors. It can be employed in vehicles too to prevent damage to the expensive leather upholstery and wood/plastic items. Using a UV window film also limits the passage of solar heat and consequently prevents damage caused to your expensive work due to solar heat. Window film UV protection is also a relatively inexpensive method of protection from ultra violet rays.

A UV blocking window film works as a filter. It blocks as much as ninety nine percent of the harmful UV rays, prevents the entry of unwanted solar heat and allows the passage of visible light. This reduces damage to your health and belongings quite significantly as the damage caused by both ultra violet rays and solar heat is irreparable. UV window films are of two types, dyed and metalized. The incoming solar heat is converted into infrared rays which are reflected back to the exteriors through the glass. All the window films are not necessarily transparent to visible light. Such films are usually dyed films and have a violet tint to them. They do not let visible light to pass through them entirely as some of the wavelengths are absorbed by the dye. This makes the windows translucent and not transparent.

Some UV window film and artscape window film allow total passage of visible light through them making them transparent. These clear UV window film are great to use for display windows and home interiors where looks is often the priority. The clear UV window film is generally metalized. UV film windows cost a little more than regular windows but they do not cost a lot. They are easily available in the market too.