One Way Window Film

Window films help to limit the passage of light and solar heat when given a coating on windows. A kind of window films is the UV window film, which also prevents the entry of ultra violet rays through them. Another special kind of window film that is widely used is the one way window film. As the name suggests, a one way window film allows the transmittance of visible light only through one of its surfaces and blocks visible light from the other surface in addition to blocking the solar heat and sometimes ultra violet rays. These films can be applied to straight glass surfaces or curved ones as well.

By virtue of limiting vision to one side of the glass, a one way window film has found many useful applications. The first and foremost application is to provide privacy. Glass looks more elegant and beautiful for house exteriors than other materials. Using plain glass involves the problem of privacy as plain glass is wholly transparent to visible light. The transparency allows easy visual access to the interiors of the house. With a one way window film in place the windows can be made visually accessible only from the interiors there by providing privacy from the exteriors. One way window film privacy and artscape window filrm are also advantageous as they provide vision for people on the interior side.

An outsider can see only a reflection of himself or a mirror when he looks at the glass on the outer side. It also allows you to observe other people through the window without being noticed. This is one of the better ways of keeping a tab safely on people in places like an office.

A one way vision window film also cuts down the amount of solar heat and ultra violet radiation passing through its surface. These films have been known to block as much as ninety nine percent of the solar glare and about seventy eight percent of ultra violet radiation. There are different types of one way window films available. One is the silver styled film and another is the copper styled film. Silver styled films give the appearance one way reflective film as their surfaces are silvered and they form a mirror. They blend in with white interiors or light shades. Copper styled one way window film can be used where the interiors are predominantly of wood or darker shades.

One way window film also comes in neutral and dark non-mirrored versions. All these films can be customized according to windows very easily and are not hard to install either.