Artscape Window Film

Since time knows when, mirrors, windows, and glasses have become the epitomes of human vanity. Each and every person has this irrefutable tendency to look at a glass surface and ogle tenderly on his or her glaring reflection of pure perfection and humanness. However, times have changed. It is now time to say goodbye to plain, reflective, and transparent glass surfaces, like mirrors and windows that have contributed to the increase of human egotism. For what where once pieces to increase human ego and vanity have now become essential home accents that can instantly add spice, life, and color to any room. This can be done by simply installing in the glass surfaces of your home, the favored and ingenious Artscape window film.


Window films such as UV Window film are one of the most recent and innovative tools for interior designing and room refurbishing. With several options available, a number of homeowners have chosen these easy to install window films to instantly spruce up their windows to make them look like dapper and elegant stained glasses. With several years in the industry of window filming and with numerous positive testimonials and feedbacks to their products’ quality, Artscape window film is truly the name to remember and trust in glass and window art.

You need not worry in buying one of these films. An Artscape window film decorative can be found and bought in numerous home improvement and specialty stores. You can check these stores to see what designs are available. Another option would be to buy their products online, like buying one in Amazon, since they have a wide variety of options to choose from at great prices that will not cost you a lot.

Aside from its purchasing accessibility, you also have less to worry about when it comes to installing your Artscape window film or Window Tint film. Non-adhesive and is easy to install and remove, the film can also be trimmed or joined together to fit any window size. Also, to maintain unity and coherence, the image in the window film repeat horizontally and vertically.

An Artscape stained glass window film can be installed in any glass surface in just 6steps: measure, clean, spray, peel, apply, and squeegee. First, you have to measure the glass surface in which you will be installing the window film. After measuring, trim the film based on the measurements taken. Next, clean the surface of the glass. This will then be followed by spraying it with water to make the installation of the Artscape window film faster. Then, peel the window film’s backing. Right after, install the film to the glass surface slowly but surely. Lastly, starting from the center, use the squeegee to press out air bubbles. For more detailed installation instructions, check out Artscape’s website for downloadable instructions.

So, create and achieve a stained, etched, or frosted look on your glass with an Artscape energy window film. Easy on the wallet, easy to install, provides UV and Fade protection, and reduces heating and cooling costs; Artscape window film is a surefire way that will help you refurbish your windows and glass surfaces to turn them into unique and creative pieces of art.